Linlang Peili International Leather Exhibition was successfully held in New York

Lineapelle returned to New York on July 13-15. Although the exhibition was plagued by high inflation, supply chain, shipping and logistics problems and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the results of the exhibition were optimistic. There were 119 exhibitors, 60 from Italy and 59 from other countries. Among them, 91 leather enterprises showed their latest products to the fashion designers who came to visit the exhibition.

The most concerned exhibition hall is the 2023-2024 autumn and winter series. Its design inspiration comes from the concept of "possible world" proposed by Lineapelle Fashion Committee. The novelty of this exhibition is to organize one-to-one business talks between customers and exhibitors, and set up a "responsible Italian leather" exhibition activity in the lounge.

On the day before the opening of the exhibition, American automotive interior designers held a demonstration of the "green power" of Italian leather. In addition, this year, for the first time in 20 years, the US dollar was equal to the euro, which was more beneficial to European exhibitors and played a positive role in promoting the import of European leather by American designers and brands.

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