Item : C9-7659

Material :  Lychee Pattern Leather PU 

Gain Pattern : Lychee texture

Type : Soft 

Width : 52” – 54”

Thickness : 1.30±0.05mm

Brightness : Mid-Light

Base Cloth :  Imitated Cotton Velvet

Brand : Chengmao Xinyuan

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Material :   Lychee Pattern Leather PU 

Base Cloth : Imitated Cotton Velvet

Gain Pattern : Lychee texture

Thickness: 1.30mm±0.05mm

Brightness : Mid-Light  

Type : Soft

Use : Bags, Upholstery, Furniture & Footwear

Features: Abrasion resistant, Peeling resistant,  Mildew resistant, Non fading and Environmentally friendly.

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